About Your Ticket

Charged? You are innocent until proven guilty.

Did you know that it is up to the prosecution to prove the charge against you and that it must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt?

Not sure how to create that doubt? Let me handle your case. Your defence will benefit from my skills and knowledge.  I do not settle until the outcome reflects your best interest.

A withdrawal is the ultimate outcome, but only the evidence can determine this

If you pay your ticket, you are pleading guilty without reviewing the evidence. If you exercise your right and contest the charge, or if you are summonsed to appear, a court date is set giving you access to the officer’s evidence. This is what is required to know what kind of case there is against you. I have been reviewing this type of evidence since 2012 and have knowledge of the specific elements required for your defence. 

When a withdrawal is not possible

A reduction of the charge to an offence that carries less or no points is possible. Find out how. 

Know your rights – My important tip to you!

Did you know that your words can be used against you in court? Your words at the roadside or in an interview with any officer if deemed voluntary, is admissible evidence and can lead to your conviction. These are self-incriminating statements. If an officer engages in a discussion and asks you questions, you can exercise your right of silence and not enter into a discussion outside of court. Many charges cannot be proven without your utterance. If you are the subject of a traffic stop, or being charged in an accident, politely accept the ticket and remain silent. It’s your right!

Select option 3

This is a trial. It is a plea of not guilty which means you are disputing the charge against you and are exercising your right to a trial. Send your ticket(s) to the Provincial Offences office to receive a Notice of Trial setting out your court date. This option requires one or more court attendances and is recommended for those who wish to fight their ticket.
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